First and Last – Penny Wylder

first and last

First and Last

about 110p. (1323 locations)

3 ⭐⭐⭐

Joyce jokingly signs up for a “Sell Your Virginity” website, not expecting to go through with it. But then Declan comes along and being much older and sexy, sweeps her off her feet. They fall for one another fast, and the rest is history.

I am conflicted on how to review this. Here’s why:

OK, so the entire time I was reading First and Last I kept thinking, “wait, did I already read this? Is this a rename and republishment of a book she’s already written? Did I miss something?” Well, no, I hadn’t already read it, but I have read something startlingly similar by Penny Wylder, before.  The Billionaire’s Virgin, where the heroine also sets herself up on a Sell Your Virginity website, only she actually needs the money from the auction in order to support her ailing grandmother. Otherwise, the premise is so similar, it was like reading the same book. Much older, successful, sexy man sweeps her off her feet. There’s a video-call sex scene. The entire idea was at the recommendation of a “bestie”. I could go on.

Two reasons I’m giving this 3 stars rather than 1. First, I guess it isn’t technically plagiarizing when the original was yours to begin with. Secondly, First and Last was done better than The Billionaire’s Virgin. The characters were easier to connect with, although not very developed, and the sex scenes were steamier. So, if you’re stuck between the two, I’d go with First and Last. If you end up loving it, then you will probably love TBV, also.

Unfortunately, I think I’m going to take a Penny Wylder break. I enjoy her writing, especially for a quicker, sexy read, but if she has to reuse plots then she’s probably putting her books out too fast.

I received an ARC in exchange for an honest read.


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