Legal – Kara Owen

I’m back! And what better way to mourn vacation’s ending than with a doozy of a novella.



99 pages

2 ⭐⭐

Natalie’s ex-boyfriend has just moved out of their shared apartment, leaving her in a bind to make rent. Thankfully, she has a rich father that happens to run his own law firm to secure her an interview as a legal assistant. To Natalie’s delight, she learns she’ll be working for her dad’s friend and her longtime crush, Gavin Ross. I’d like to say this is where their romance commences, but that’d be a lie.

Look, I like erotica. Not all of the time, but it “gets the job done”. Not to get too personal here, but there are several reasons I’d read an erotica rather than watch a video. Primarily, plot and character development, both of which are missing from this book.

Legal feels more like the set-up of a workplace educational video on sexual harassment than an erotica. Apparently, the lawyers always sleep with their secretaries as a type of initiation. Gavin repeatedly refers to sharing secretaries, even with Natalie’s father, so we’re lead to believe that he’s aware of what he’s getting his daughter into. Not sure though, because it’s never clarified, even though I am really curious what kind of father sends their lamb of a daughter into a perverted lion’s den. Gross.

The characters are one-dimensional. Natalie lacks a backbone and does pretty much whatever Gavin bids. He even mentally refers to her as his property, which I guess is accurate since he does nothing but use her as the horny object he sees her as. She’s never asked if she likes what he’s doing. He doesn’t talk to her about his plan to share her with another man. He just calls her into his office (only place they ever see each other, btw), tells her what to do and she robotically complies. How romantic.

There are some continuity errors that kept bugging me. She’s already standing, oh but now she’s going from sitting to standing. It doesn’t matter what form the medium is (IE tv, movies, books), it pulls me out of the moment, so I always remember it.

Unsurprisingly, there’s no conclusion, just a set-up for another threesome. Yes, the one intercourse scene between the H/h includes another lawyer whom Gavin is sharing Natalie with. Without her prior knowledge or consent.

Legal isn’t an erotica, it’s porn better suited for an internet forum rather than as a self-published book.

I received an ARC in exchange for an honest review.


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