Touch Me Doctor – Aria Ford

touch me doctor

Touch Me Doctor

147 pages

a waste of my time ⭐⭐

Widowed and now a single father to a six year old, Anna, Matt is in dire need of a nanny to help with watching her for the summer. Jessica recently graduated college with a double major in French and Art History, so needless to say, her job search isn’t going well and she applies for the nanny position out of desperation. Thankfully, she is the only interviewee that clicks with Anna and she gets the job.

The plot’s premise was cute, but a bit cliché and overdone. The timeline jumped around randomly and it felt like everything was skimmed rather than explained, making it hard to connect with the characters. The romantic scenes felt forced and were kind of boring. The whole fake marriage aspect lasted about three pages and didn’t even make sense. The whole idea that a philanthropist would only donate money to married people and not even consider the fact that Matt was a loyal and dedicated widower father was pretty absurd. I’m actually convinced that it wasn’t a part of the original story but was added after the fact in order to jump on the “fake marriage” bandwagon.

Jessica was easy to like and Matt was too, at times. But the bullcrap he says to Jessica towards the end was brutal and rather than take more time to consider if she was making a good decision by giving up her lifelong dream, rather than question him if he would be so spontaneously hurtful in the future, she jumps into his arms. Ut uh.

There were several typos and in one chapter, the first-person POV sloppily switches back and forth between Matt and Jessica several times. According to some other reviews, there’s apparently a shower scene? I received an ARC copy, so maybe that explains this away but there was definitely no shower scene in my copy, making me wonder how such an inconsistency manages to get past the editor.

I received an ARC in exchange for an honest review.


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