Pirate Passion – Lolita London

pirate's passion

Pirate Passion

294 pages

2.5 ⭐⭐⭐

June has always lived a boring, timid life as a pastor’s daughter. One day, her father introduces her to a man a least twice her age that her father has agreed to marry her off to. Desperate to escape, her mother tells her a secret: *SPOILER* Years ago her mother had an affair with a pirate named Black John, and he is her real father.

Thomas has been dishonorably discharged from the Navy for seducing the Admiral’s daughter, leaving his Viscount of a father unwilling to speak to him. With nowhere to go, he travels from port to port, working on ships and gambling to survive. Missing the departure of a ship he was working on, he is now stuck in Bridgetown. Bored and penniless, he meets June while searching for her pirate father. He agrees to help her find Black John for 40 schillings. Then their adventure begins.

The story is pretty cute, but historically inaccurate in regards to speech and terminology, so keep that in mind if it’s the type of thing to bother you.

There weren’t many opportunities to learn June and Thomas’s  personalities, making it hard to connect with them. It was also hard to understand why they were attracted to each other. Their romance seemed based on convenience and circumstance rather than love. Their intimacy was mild and lacked passion.

The climax’s resolution had potential, but was too fast and anticlimactic. And the ending just – ends. I wanted to know what their next step was, but was left unfulfilled.

I received an ARC in exchange for an honest review.


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