Prince Player – B.B. Hamel

prince player

Prince Player

Hazel was traveling around Europe alone when she had all of her money stolen. In order to make enough money to buy a plane ticket back home to America, she takes a job as maid in Polovia’s (made up European country) royal castle.

Prince Nolan’s father, the King, is about to pass him over for title of Crown Prince in favor of Nolan’s douchey cousin, Julian. In an attempt to win his father over, Nolan comes up with an ingenious plan: get married and have a kid. Since he finds the maid, Hazel, so hot, he propositions her the same day they meet to become his Wife Consort. She accepts and – bada-bing, bada-boom – she’s a princess.


The plot is a bit fantastical, but it was cute. I found the characters to be the best Hamel’s written, so far. Granted, Nolan and Hazel get married the day after they meet, but it isn’t insta-love. Nolan is patient with Hazel, letting her get to know him before they knock boots and make a baby. And once they do get it on? *PSSSSssssss* (that’s bacon hitting the pan…. It sizzled. That’s my point). Anyway…

Prince Player was a solid 4 stars… until the ending. It was “don’t blink to long or you might miss it” fast. The entire climax with Julian had ok buildup, but it ends without a significant resolution. *Possibly Spoiler* I was left with soooo many questions as to how they can have a happily ever after despite the King being completely unsupportive and Julian still being a threat. And Julian, WTH happens with him? Jail? Excommunication? Castration? I finally found out how horrible of a person he gets no comeuppance? Bubkus!

I received an ARC in exchange for an honest review.


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