Auctioned to Him 1-3 – Charlotte Byrd

Auctioned to Him 1-3

Auctioned to Him 1-3
3 short novellas

2 ⭐⭐

Ellie is stuck in a job she hates and still dependent on her stepfather financially. While attending a yacht party, a surprise auction is introduced where the women have the choice to auction themselves off. Inspired by the money she expects to receive she enters and goes for a whopping $250,000. Her mystery buyer turns out to be Aiden Black, rich and successful owner of Owl, Amazon’s main competitor.

I found myself skimming a lot. The writing is repetitive and sloppy. There’s an awful lot of explanation about Aiden’s business that felt unnecessary and slowed the plot down.

Ellie is really hard to like. Her internal monologue is loaded with “How dare he”s and “who do they think they are” type of reflections that gives her a holier than thou air that’s hard to get past. Even when it’s warranted, it’s so constant that her character surpasses the label of ‘strong woman’ and becomes ‘is there anything this woman likes kinda woman’. Aiden is weaker than I’d like, but he’s also really unreliable as a character. One chapter he’s musing to himself that there are millions of hotter women in the city he could get with so why waste his time on Ellie. Shortly after he’s telling her she’s the most beautiful woman in the world and oh how he wishes she would believe him. It was as genuine as Donald Trump’s tan: I just wasn’t buying it.

Here’s my biggest problem with the story. In book 2, the opening scene is of Aiden knowingly going on a date with another woman, Kristina, he regularly sleeps with after meeting and sleeping with the heroine and telling her he wanted to see her again. He and Kristina go back to his place with the full intention of having sex. And he is EAGER (as in solid as a rock, if you get my drift) to make it happen. Just because he gets a moment of consciousness after initiating sex with another woman and he feels guilty for almost sleeping around on Ellie doesn’t make it cool. He went to the friggen opera, which he openly loathes, just to make this other woman happy so he could sleep with her. Yes, this crap happens in real life, but this is a romance purposely billed as having no cheating and it’s misleading. Romance authors don’t write hideously ugly heroes because they’re undesirable. Well, so are (almost) cheaters.
No, there’s no technical cheating, but it’s awfully close.

The book falls under too many clichés to stand out amongst thousands of other books that do the same thing, only better.

I received an ARC in exchange for an honest review.


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