For My Master – Linnea May

for my master

For My Master
204 pages

2 ⭐⭐

Undergrad Cynthia is having a rough time. She probably won’t get the scholarship for grad school she applied for, she’s getting pressure from her parents and counselor to get a job, and she finds nothing but hot men that turn out to be duds in bed. The morning after a less than stellar evening with a random hookup, Cynthia begrudgingly goes to an interview for a job she doesn’t even want at Jones & Jones. It’s obvious to Nathan Jones that Cynthia isn’t interested in the job, but she is interested in the naughty pictures of women in bondage behind his desk. Have they both finally found what they’ve been looking for?

There’s not much plot to the story. They both want a D/s relationship, but Nathan’s constantly reminding her that they can’t be more than that. Hell, he won’t even let her spend the night. What kind of dom beats his sub to exhaustion to just toss her out in the middle of the night? The hero is just an immature jackass that keeps taking his own issues out on poor Cynthia. I will give Cynthia credit for not taking his BS lying down (at least every time), though. If she were a total doormat I wouldn’t’ve finished the book. The story is pretty stagnant and I never felt the connection between them.

The writing seemed like it was telling me how great a lover Nathan is when I would’ve been more convinced if I was simply shown. And the author’s way of showing it was by having Nathan constantly referring to his previous conquests. Examples:
“Cynthia isn’t the first girl I’ve brought here…”
“My problem has never been to get women into bed, but rather get them out.”
“Usually when I bring a girl a girl here, I’m eager to move her to the bedroom as soon as possible.”

giphy (11)

Yes, he’s had several lovers and the sexual experience of a professional athlete, I get it. If only more of the story was spent on Nathan and Cynthia’s interactions instead of being regaled with past references, I would’ve believed it.

There are countless books out there with the whole ‘man is afraid of love, woman breaks his rules by making him feel feelings, man tosses woman, woman forgives man the moment he wants her back’ storyline. If that’s the story you want then go ahead and read For My Master, but there are plenty others that are more worth your time.

I received an ARC in exchange for an honest review.


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