Share Me – Derek Masters

share me

Share Me
131 pages

1 ⭐

A husband and wife are having problems at home when she discovers his secret porn habit involves fantasies of her sleeping with other men.

I don’t get all of the great reviews. It’s not the material that bothers me (a few things did, but I’ll break that down later) as much as the writing style. I couldn’t get immersed in this at all. The dialogue was just one big paragraph after another, no breaks to set the scene or anything. I felt like I was reading a book report as it lacked all subtleties that would help it feel more organic.

*Spoilers* Hotwife is not everyone’s cuppa, but it doesn’t really bother me. However, 1) the book is marketed as an MFM menage and it’s not. There’s one scene towards the end that is breezed over, but that’s it. And the menage is purely on a sexual level, no feelings involved. 2) The fact that she brought a guy home to have sex in her marriage bed without her husband’s prior consent felt too much like cheating to me. The husband didn’t seem to mind, but I just thought it was disrespectful. And here’s the big issue for me. 3) She had sex with the guy with no protection. And from what I recall, there was no prior birth control/STD discussion, and damn that’s just gross. Especially when earlier in the book she was harping on wanting to have kids and be a stay at home mom, the husband said now’s not the time, and then the subject just magically disappeared. I mean, was she on birth control? Were they both safe? She was playing Russian Roulette with her girly bits and I could not get past that.

If the book were properly labeled as a hotwife/share wife situation rather than an MFM, I would’ve added a star. But overall, this was just porn that didn’t even turn me on


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