Mr. Ruin – Maya Hughes

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Mr. Ruin
447 pages

4 ⭐⭐⭐⭐

Rachel is executive assistant to philanthropic billionaire, Rhys Thayer. When Rhys finds out someone is trying to dechair… dischair?… unchair? Uh, when he finds out someone is trying to get him kicked off the boards of several charities he puts his trusty EA to work at finding out who the culprit is. Rachel discovers it’s a man named Killian Thorne, someone Rhys went to high school with, but he can think of no reason for Killian to be doing this and presses her to find out more. Thanks to Rachel’s 100% incompetence in the stealth department and lacking any sort of investigative background she’s quickly made by Killian because, duh, of course she is. But Killian takes a liking to the determined brunette and offers her information in exchange for playing his game. AKA sex, his game is to have sex with her whenever he wants. Never one to refuse a challenge, she accepts and their ridiculously intense ‘lust-distrust’ relationship begins.

Admittedly, Killian isn’t very likable in Mr. Control, so my expectations weren’t too high. And thank goodness for that, because he starts out a pretty big a-hole. The more interaction he has with Rachel though, the more he starts to doubt his true motivation and he actually starts to exhibit human emotions. And since this story roughly follows the ‘commitment-phobic jerk and innocent Disney princess’ trope, Rachel is a bit door-matty at times. BUT, she thankfully stands up for herself when it really counts, which leads to some serious groveling by Killian that is just, oh so satisfying.

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Mr. Ruin mostly runs concurrent with the timeline of Mr. Control, so a few scenes from that are referenced and breezed over. I don’t personally think it affects the reader’s understanding if read as a standalone, but reading Mr. Control would certainly help.

I received an ARC in exchange for an honest review.


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